To make sure no one’s adventure will be interupted with bad behaviour, we have set up a few rules. When joining the server, you have to obey these rules. If you do not follow the rules, you risk getting punishment. If you have any questions regarding the rules, you can ask a staffmember, or go to our contact page.

These rules can be changed at any moment without giving a warning or message. This also counts for the adding of rules.

Regular Rules (for everyone)

• No swearing.
• Respect eachother.
• Always follow instructions of the team.
• Advertising is not allowed.
• Spam in the chat or in Discord is not allowed.
• Freerunning is not allowed in the entire server.
• The use of hackclients is strictly prohibited.
• Asking for a specific ranking, fly-mode or OP-mode is not allowed.
• Getting the map with the use of any hacks or other help is not allowed.
• Sharing your own personal information is not allowed. This is for your own safety.

Extra rules for people with ranks
  • Turning off the power of a ride while people are still in the ride is not allowed.
  • You can never leave the control room unguided while the ride is still opened.
  • You can not show the controlroom to any regular guests.
  • You are not allowed to spam the Open or Closed message in chat.
  • Always test a ride before you let guests go inside.